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    Jun 6, 2011
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    Luna, our rat terrier/patterdale terrier mix has a bald spot on her head. It has a few bumps and it white/greyish. She does not scratch it but it is really ugly. I can touch it but it doesn't seem to hurt her at all. She's had it for 6 months... we've taken her to the vets many times... she has creams that we apply to it but the only thing that seemed to work is when the vet gave us pills called "Prednisone" that made the hair grow back. But then after we stopped the prednisone it went bald again. We would bring her to the vet but each time it costs 45 dollars. [​IMG] We might put her back on prednisone but it makes her very weird acting... having to go the bathroom more, sometimes not eating.... just not herself.

    Has anyone had any problems like this or heard of any home treatments?

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    Hmmm...did they do a skin scraping or tell you what they think it is? Prednisone can have those side effects as it is a Steroid. It would cost a bit but a skin scraping would at least tell you what it is for sure so you could use an appropriate treatment. You could always try a topical that covers fungus. They are safe and it can't hurt. Maybe something like Microteck? A feed store or a store like Jeffers would have something like it.
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    Quote:Yes they did a skin scraping but didn't find much... they said they've never seen anything like it before. We have 3 different creams, as I said before... but none of them really work. I'll research the microteck, definetly. [​IMG]
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    Put some Windex on it. [​IMG]

    Does she bump her head going under the table? Are you petting her to hard? Does she have fleas? Could be the pregniszone stuff wasn't given to her for a long enough time. Try some Cortisone cream and cover it with a patch of some kind. Maybe try to give it a good scrubbing with Hydrogen Peroxide.

    If the first Vet didn't help take her to another but don't tell them what the first Vet did or even that you had her elsewhere.

    You know one time I took two kittens to the vet for spaying and neutering. One male, one female. They went for a pre-exam and blood work. ($32) Then when I brought them back for the surgery and went to pick them up she tells me they are both females! I wasn't charged the extra for both being females but how could she not notice that on the first exam? I'd get a second opinion.

    I wish Luna well,

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    Jun 18, 2011
    I know it looks weird, but if it isn't worrying her than it wouldn't worry me. Just put sunscreen on it so she doesn't get melanoma from getting it burn't in the sun!

    Could she have developed a habit of rubbing herhead while you are away? The steroid could have just made her hair grow fast enough to compensate for her 'buffing' it off?
    Maybe a form of separation anxiety?
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    Wow, if you had not said you 've taken her to the vet, I would have Ring Worm, which is really a fungus.
    And that it is pretty hard to get rid of!

    The best thing for Ring Worm and or yeast infections that I have found is "Fluconazole" -
    it comes in pill form & is for treating yeast or fungus infections,
    I would try to get it from, or the link below:

    The pills are only $.40/50 mg pills or $0.75 for each 100mg. Need to treat with one pill every 30 days....
    It does require a prescription from your vet, but since they are not able to give a treatment that works
    maybe they will give you a script.

    This stuff is Way better than topically treating the above mentioned (it is also given to humans)...

    Good luck.
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    I agree with guess is ringworm and it could be easily and cheaply treated with an anti-fungal. Get some over the counter at your drug store and keep it on her head religiously. Good luck!
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    Ok, thank you all for your advice! I will look up each thing you said and see if its what will work for her.
    Thanks again! [​IMG]
  9. rilly10

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    I would have thought Ringworm would show up in a skin scraping. Anti-fungal would be my first step either way [​IMG]
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