barking chicks?


6 Years
Apr 25, 2013
hi. we're new to the chickens, and we have 12 young chicks. our bantam BLRW are almost 7 weeks, our welsummers are almost 3, and the rest (olive eggers, blue ameracaunas, and brabanters) are all almost 4 weeks. there is one we are fairly certain is a little roo, but the rest we aren't sure, as they are so young. anyway, today, one of them started making a barking noise randomly throughout the day. (they are currently living inside, until the coop is finished.) it took me ALL day to figure out that the noise was coming from a chick. and i still don't know which one is doing it. here's my question... is that what a rooster sounds like when he first starts his crow? (if so, he has to go ASAP... we can't have a rooster here in our neighborhood.) if this is the case, i need to find him a home. like, yesterday. if this is NOT the case, it would also be helpful to know... i've read that sometimes hens will make this noise? is it likely a health issue i need to keep an eye on? any help would be greatly appreciated.... thanks!!
in my experience, roosters don't start crowing so young. when they do, it doesn't sound like "barking". I would be looking at a possible health issue to explain the noise. perhaps one of them has something in their throat & doesn't have the necessary grit to process it.

best of luck
I have a 7 mos old too who isn't that large but he doesn't crow, he barks. Dont know his breed yet :(. Read about Indonesian laughing chickens today so I know some make strange sounds. Oh, my too seems fine, has just always barked.
thanks! i'm not sure which of the older 10 it is, but i added some grit to their feed this morning. they've been out enjoying the sun, so i haven't hear them today, but i'll listen for it when i bring them in.
When chickens sneeze it sometimes sounds like barking. I too would consider quarantining the one that is barking. And check it for signs of problems: clogged nostrils, closed eyes, rattling breath etc. Odd noises are generally not a good thing. Chickens, as a general rule are meant to act the same. When one acts oddly the others will tend to pick on it.

Let us know how it does.

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