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We have a 2 year old Sheltie that barks non stop. The same visitor can come in the door everyday and Whiskey will bark non stop at him or her. Do all shelties bark like this and will he calm down as he gets older? Does anybody have any tips?
You could try a bark collar either electric or the stylethat spray orange stuff that the dogs don't like.

You could also try putting the dog on another room when some one comes over then slowly introducing the dog to the person.

This is a bad habit that might just get worst as they get older if not fixed when younger.
That's funny, we just got a sheltie and we can't seem to make her bark. It's pretty ridiculous, two adults trying to woof woof at a poor little dog. I need her to get a voice if she's to help around the farm.
Be careful what you wish for. When we first got our Sheltie he was quiet. But as he got older he became a barker. I have heard mixed things about Shelties being barkers. Some bark and some don't. I guess that's true about most dogs. I have decided to give him the job of watching the chickens while I am at work. I think maybe he needs more to do. He's real good with them.
I have four dogs that bark when people come in the door, but will stop once we have corrected them with either a stern voice or put out side and allowed back in one at a time to sniff and receive their pet from the new person. Once that is done, no more barking.

A friend of mine has a Jack Russell mix that is very hyper and an only dog or should I say is a one dog family. When they came to stay with us during Hurricane IKE, the owners brought the Bark Collar that doubles as a disapline collar. It is very effective and does not hurt the dog, but one or two taps of the remote and Scooter was part of the pack and playing nice with my dogs.

She only had to use the remote control once or twice, but she was glad that she brought the device because her dog being an only dog needed the disapline around the other dogs to insure there were no dog fights. The last thing we needed during the hurricane was a injured dog that needed medical attention.

Like the other poster commented, barking is a bad habit that will need to be curbed.

It sounds like Whiskey is doing his/her job of protecting the house and you when people come over, but Whiskey does need to learn know when the person(s) visiting is no longer a threat.

Good Luck.
Definitely try to do something about it now, because it won't just stop and go away. I have an 8 year old Miniature pinscher and he was abused by the people who had him until he was 16 weeks old. We never corrected him with the barking because we figured he was just scared and mentally messed up from the abuse. Now eight years later he still barks at my husband every time he walks into a room or comes home. He doesn't do it to me or the kids, but to everyone else. Even if my DH walks out to the car and back in..barking as he goes out and as he comes in. My husband has been very good to him and has never done anything threatening, but yet he still barks at him. It is so bad that if Twix hears my hubby roll over in bed, he goes off. We try to correct him now, but it only works if it is me doing the correcting, if I am not home and he does it..forget it. I lovwe him and he will stay with me because of that, but if he were anywhere else someone would have taken him to the spca or had him put is that

Good luck..I am sure if you work with her, she will be just fine. Believe do not want that habit forever!!!!!
I justbought a bark collar from Petsafe!!!It will vibratem amke a sound and then a static shock will happen. It sounds good. Whiskey is smart and will catch on. I have to do something now, he is driving me crazy!!!!!!Thanks for the advice.
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Get up at 4 am when she wants to go out, she will bark then to get you to the door!!!!!
Trust me on this!!!!!

Shelties are generally barkers as they are bred for herding.
My sheltie barks a waaaaay lot. So does my collie. The jack russell chimes in too. Nobody ever come here without them letting me know about it. I have had a few other shelties that barked a lot too. Guess it's part of their herd/protection instinct.
I have to second to bark collar

You probably wouldn't have to use it for very long at all. Dogs are smart. your dog will put it together really fast. the electric would be better than the spray.

good luck

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