Barn Style Coop Pics wanted


13 Years
Oct 23, 2008
Eureka, California
Hi all,
Woo Whoo, I finally found someone to make me a new coop! I would love to have a small barn style coop but I need a picture of one to show the man that is making it for me. Anyone care to share a pic of their barn style coop? I found one on line but I would rather see what some of you have.

Thank You, and as always... you guys all rock!!
Just buy a pre-fab style barn shed from a big name lumber/home improvment store. I built mine from blueprints myself, cost me 2x as much as a pre-fab kit from Home Depot.

I did, but most are on the larger side and I need a smaller coop. I was just keeping my fingers crossed that someone might have a really good pic of a smaller barn style coop that's up off the ground.
if you find one you like print a picture and take it with you to your lumber store and there is someone that could help you. At our lowes there is one guy he thought i was nuts when I showed him a pic and told him I needed it half the size since i was only getting 12 chickens now I have been bitten with the chicken bug the DH has to move a prefabbed shed for the 22 more we are getting.
Try googling it. Or if you find a bigger coop that you like the style of, just tell him you want that style but on a smaller coop. Find the style you want, and then find the layout you want, and then just stick them together

I wish you the best of luck!

the roof isnt done and and i dont think we had rerun the electric when this was taken but this has worked great for us! my husband made it out of a packing crate.
ignore the crappy looking yard!!
Oh my god, loved the pic with the goats, the little girl and of course the barn style coop!

I already have the wood but the sweet man that's going to build it wants a picture. I have one in mind but I can't draw worth a darn to show him. I'll try google!
Thanks for the idea!

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