Barnevelder girls?


9 Years
Aug 22, 2010
I have two barnevelder chicks, currently about 4 1/2 weeks old. At this point, even though it's a little early, everything I've seen in terms of development and behavior is leading me to think I've got two pullets, but I thought I'd get some other opinions.
I'm not seeing any development in terms of comb/wattle yet. I've checked out other threads and I don't think I see any tell-tale feathering (though these are my first experience with this breed). And behavior-wise, I haven't seen any of the posturing or similar behaviors that I've noticed in other roos that I've hatched and raised before. They're much more docile and skittish.

A couple pics:

Closeup of the head:

Conversely, one of my speckled sussex that hatched at the same time has definite comb development and reddening already. And is definitely more inquisitive/adventurous. Always at the forefront of the little group, and was the only one that really approached the older birds as I've started to introduce them to the flock.

Both the barnevelder chicks appear pretty much identical in terms of development at this point (I can only tell them apart because one has always been just a little bit bigger than the other), so I'm guessing they're both the same thing (hopefully girls). Thoughts?
The first one is a pullet, but the last one is a cockerel.

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