barnyard deal Duck and Geese 23 eggs


Cochins R Us
16 Years
Nov 10, 2007
Mooresburg TN
This is a barnyard deal of left over eggs that did'nt sale. I gather all these yesterday the 2nd. I have 9 Mucovy eggs, 11 mix duck eggs, and 3 geese eggs.
The mucovys are kept sepaterate from my other ducks. I have these colors, Black,Blue,White, and Chocolate.
The other Duck breeds I have are all running together in a fenced area with a pond. The breeds are all pure. I have White Mallard,Swidish,Magpies,Crested mallards,Created Pekin,cayuga,and Idiain runners.
The geese are running with the ducks. The breeds I have are African, White Chinese, Canadain, and Emben. Some of the eggs will be pure some will be mixed.Click on the picture to see more pictures

$15 for the eggs and $10 for shipping.I will include any fresh eggs laid.

Would you have this deal in a few more months? I would love to get some muscovies from you
yeah might be next week. It depends on how many they lay.All My inubators are alway full of eggs so I can't hatch any right now
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For the mucovys? I'll see if they lay that many. Right now I have two hens sitting.I allways just change $10 for Shipping.I bring home free buble wrap all the time from work so I don't worry about it to much.

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