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Nov 17, 2008
I am just curious i would like to see pictures and would like to know any info on different breeds of barred,cuckoo,creale,ect. As well as genetics and such behind the colors themselves. Any input greatly apprieciated. Thanks in advance.
Most barring is based on the barring gene B, which is sex-linked. There is a rather different looking form of barring called autosomal barring that is created with a combination of genes, none of which are sex-linked. This barring, as in campines looks like concentric circles around the bird; hackles are clear.

Crele is barring on a BBR bird. Cuckoo has the fast feathering gene; regular barring has the slow feathering gene.
All that I can do is give an example of Barring on both male and female Largefowl Barred Plymouth Rocks:


See how the male is lighter? It is because he has a "double dose" of barring, wheras the females only have a single dose.
But just realize it is possible to get a darker roo who only has one copy of barring. If you are breeding your birds barred to barred this is likely not going to happen. But if you bring in youngsters you might have a surprise occasionally.
Barred Rhode island red ( a work in progress). Wheaten birds are difficult to get good barring. This male only carries one sex linked barring gene. I am experimenting with different gene combinations on wheaten to improve the barring. His barring is actually better than what shows in the picture. This is a dark male; I also have a lighter colored male. Both birds only carry one barring gene.


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Wow he is dark. Interesting bird. He looks really nice.
I've got some red barred wannabe Orps with one barring gene & also some buff barred....all eWh. The barring seems much more apparent on the males & hardly seems to show at all in the females.
I've got a couple of, hopefully red barred chicks which are eWh/eb to see how they feather up.

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