Barred Easter Egger Cockerel, 12 Wks/ ~FREE!~/ pickup Fannin co. GA


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Bandit is the son of my Barred EE hen, Riley, and my Delaware rooster, Isaac. He's been raised by a broody and is very independent and seems like a pretty smart young cutie-roo. Pickup only, will not ship this boy.

Free to good home, but please send pics of your setup where he will be living so I can see he will have a safe home-thanks! He was named Bandit because as a chick, he had a little mask.


Wow, you've put up so many auctions or this boy and Suede's son! Can't believe they dont have a home yet! I would come get them both in a second if I didn't live in the city! Hope you find somewhere for 'em!
Yup, I know! This is the same old stuff this year--having to keep them much longer than I usually do before finding homes for them. They're great boys! Wish you could have one of them.
Yep, totally!! Maybe if no one gets him I can convince my chicken friend Ivan to get one
he lives right north of Atlanta
Want to make sure they go to a good home, as much as I'm able. They're good boys. If I don't rehome them soon, I'll be moving them into the little Firetower coop till someone wants one or both. Don't want them mating the old ladies in the coop they're living in--that is the retirement coop and shall remain rooster-less for the time being.
Looks like I'm going to have the same problem with 3 of these.

BR hen X EE roo

Mine have tan and brown saddle feathers coming in though.

I live 2 1/2 blocks from the poultry auction here, but I don't want to d that to them.
Has 4 laying hens and a coop and run the size of your original clutch hutch. No roosters, though. They free range all day in a big field and some woods.

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