Barred Plymouth Rock Cockerel, 4 Wks Old (have 2)/ N. Ga. Mtns


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Boy just fell over when I put him under the heatlamp to take the pic, LOL. He knows a good sunbathing spot when he feels it, eh? I have two of these. This one is Becca's son with Dutch, the other one in the main listing photo is Fern's son with Dutch. They are healthy little critters, both of them. Pickup/Cash only, $2 each or $3 total feed donation if you want them both together. Below is a pic of Becca's son, who also was up for a sunbath today.

I'm near the juncture of TN/NC/GA in Fannin County, GA.

This one is Fern's son. He seems as if he'll have a nice comb and distinct barring. So far, he's looking pretty good, I think.


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Barred Rocks can be sexed as soon as they are fluffed out after they hatch. Males and females differ in the character of the head spot, the leg color and the degree of "black" in the down color. The males are always lighter in color, etc. These are very definite boys. Been raising this breed for years and it's rare that one fools me. By four weeks, there is rarely any confusion with Barred Rocks.

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