Barred Rock almost 4 weeks - Any guess on gender?

As of right now, it looks like a pullet. The comb isn't particularly large/red and the coloring is dark (male Barred Rocks are typically lighter in color than the females).
Fingers crossed!
That's what I'm hoping!
Looks like a pullet to me. If her comb hasn't changed much in the next two weeks, you can rest easy. Barred rock boys aren't usually shy about their masculinity lol.
OK So took "her" 4 week picture today and noticed her comb and waddle is starting to pink up. Do you still think "she's" still a she?

I"m not sure any more...Those legs look rather thick, and the stance/eye is that of a cockerel (IMO). The comb/wattle development is concerning, too. For now, I change my guess to cockerel.
Forgot to ask. Does the pinking up usually come and go. Comb was a little pink this morning like when I took the picture but later in the day didn't look very pink at all.

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