Barred rock and Silkie eggs for sale in GA ships 4-1


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I will have 12+ Barred Rock eggs ready to ship Monday 4-1 for $25 shipping included. These birds are excellent layer's of medium brown eggs. Great personality's, very gentle.
A few hens




I will also have 6+ Silkie eggs to ship Monday 4-1 For $15 shipping included. I have 4 Blue hens from Bamachickens stock, a Buff splash hen, a sizzle roo, and Blue roo from Maria Martin's stock. These birds are great little broody's.

Sizzle Roo

Blue Hen


Buff Splash Hen

Blue Roo

I do accept paypal.
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I was a bit confused about her color to. I took a picture with me to show Bamachicken and she told me that she was a Buff Splash. I can take a better picture of her if I need to so that you can see better. She is not a splash though, She does have the buff coloring coming through. Sorry I can not tell you more.
I bet she is the result of a buff to splash breeding. A few years ago, I think there were some breeders who bred buffs to splash to produce buff birds with less color. So instead of buff birds with black in the tail and wings, they ended up with buffs with blue in the tail and wings.

I bet she is a splash with the buff "overcoat" if you will... hmm, interesting. I'd like to see one in person.
You would surely know more than I would. So I take your word for it. I will try to get you some better pics in a few.
I can't see the pics very well from my phone. But I believe the roo you have from me is actually a blue boy. If he were splash, he would be a whitish-silver with darker splotches. I will try to post a pic later of a splash. I don't have any grey. So it can't be grey. But I do have lots of blue, so he is most likely blue!

I thought he was blue to, but when I showed him to Bamachicken she said grey splash
I am glad you came around and told me.

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