Barred Rock. . . good examples of barring?


12 Years
Jul 27, 2007
I have three Barred Rock hens. I was not so thrilled with them when I first got them. But they are neat little birds. Pretty and of all my birds they are by far the friendliest. Will eat out of hands, sometimes taking a finger in the process.

Anyway. I hear that it is really hard to get a nicely barred BR. I am not sure I know what it looks like. Can anyone post some pic?
I'd like to see a nicely barred large fowl Barred Rock, not bantam, though. I had some cockerels that I just sold that had excellent, even straight barring, but I already had a pet of a young rooster my DH would have killed me if I sold, so I kept him, even though his barring is rather messy in places and chevron acrosss the sickles, like most hatchery birds. Yes, please, we'd like to see some good examples, please!
In this pic, sorry, it's only the fluffy behind of a young cockerel, but see how the barring is straight across, not chevron barred? That was one of my better chicks I sold. If I had room for another BR rooster, he would have stayed!
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OMG Cynthia! IF you EVER have cockrels that look like that again PLEASE let me know. I will buy them...that is if you are willing to ship them to Texas. My roo who I thought was pretty nice (wasn't as cleanly marked as that one) was killed about a month ago now, so I only have a 3 mnth old cockrel coming up and he's just an avg BR. I would really like a good boy, as BRs are my core flock.
I was pretty pleased with him, I must say, but I cant take the credit. Kate (helmstead) gave me the hatching eggs. They are from her rooster with her own hens, unless that boy was from Hawkeye with my Mandy (Mandy is from helmstead's flock), but I seriously think that boy was entirely from Kate's roo with one of her girls. Several of them were barred nicely like that. The other reason I didn't keep one of those as opposed to Hawkeye's son is that most of my pullets are sisters or half sisters to that boy and naturally, Zane and Hawkeye are unrelated to the girls. Maybe you can twist her arm into sending you some hatching eggs.
I have a very handsome barred rock roo. His name is Mr Roo of course. I'll have to get a photo of him and upload it. He is friendly and definitely my baby. Right now he is mating with a few of my purebred white leghorn hens.
I have the fertile eggs on under agriculture. I am going to be mating him with a barred rock hen as soon as I find one that is "perfect, or near perfect". If any of you are interested in his offspring, go to ebay and look for his eggs. My id is bestbuys361. I'll see if I can get a photo of him on here.
Are you looking at the bars on the individual feathers, or one th chicken as a whole? Or if it is correct on the feathers, will it look like one single bar going across all feathers?

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