Barred rock hen or roo....

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    After 6 years I still cant tell the difference in a hen or roo......
    This was my old girl, Raquel, at 8 weeks.. Everyone thought she was a roo but she laid eegs.

    these youngins are 14 weeks. the one in the foreground I am sure is a pullet. the 2 behind her... well... they remind me of Raquel. I don't see saddle or any difference in the tails. yes they are a little lighter. And their combs and waddles are larger but my old girl had huge one too... My leghorn roo ( same age) is crowing but I have only seen the leghorn crow. The definite hen is more aggressive than the ones with the larger combs. Short of waiting another 2 months for eggs.. anyone have a guess at the 2 BR in the background sex?
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    Could you get better individual pictures? Barred rock cockerels are supposed to have wider white barring and yellow legs while pullets have darker barring and black wash of their legs, but with hatcheries now a days they don't always breed those standards.
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