Barred Rock over Barred Rock?


Mar 21, 2015
Pueblo, Colorado
So I was was wondering, will a barred rock rooster over a barred rock hen still make offspring that is sexable at hatch? I was wondering because I have a barred rock roo and I'm getting a barred rock hen soon and whenever one of my other hen go broody I want to hatch out some of their offspring. Please respond ASAP!
No. All the chicks will look the same. If you want to make black sexlinks, you need a barred hen and any non-barred rooster of your choice. The males will be barred (black with the white spot on the back of the head), and the girls will be solid black at hatch.
NO........Some VERY EXPERIENCED breeders may be able to sex the babies from down and shank coloration.....But the average person is deluding himself/herself when they claim to be able to .......However, if you use a RIR or NH Rooster over a Barred Rock hen the chicks can be sexed at once because the females will be almost solid black and the males have a white headspot, but since you didn't ask that question: a definite answer is NO......
Pure bred barred rock chicks are not sex linked - there are some tells that can be used to guess at gender, but they are not accurate enough to rely on and amount to little more than a good guess.
Thanks to everyone, so I am almost certain that out of my 5 pullets from Big R that I have at least two cockerels. My guess if a Production Rhode Island Red and a White Leghorn. The both seem very "rooish" to me. Will post pics of them tomorrow if I can get them. The White Leghorn is a scaredy chick.

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