barred rock, pullet or roo?


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
ok, so I was told this was a pullet, but then I thought it was a roo b/c the other BR I bought at the same time is now looking very different than this is about 4 months old in these pics taken today. the thing that is throwing me back to pullet is that there are no spurs, just "nubbins"

Thats definately a pullet! It looks like she's going to be laying soon. And also, rooster don't have spurs until they are about a year old.
Oh well. I did not realize that first took so long to develop. I guess I won't use that anymore to sex my chickens hahaha :) or I could be eating a lot of hens woops! Hubby is at lowes now to get tbe nesting box. Any suggesrio.s to teach the chickens what it is? We thought we had several months.....

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