Barred rock Rooster


In the Brooder
Dec 14, 2020
My Barred rock rooster is a big beauty but is really mean we keep him from our new hens. We just took in a leghorn from a kind stranger who found her on a backroad with wounds on her bum (like something had ripped feathers off her) and bruising. We have tried integrating her (once everything was healed) over as We do normally with the other hens we’d got, but he won’t leave her alone. He will jump on her back and pull feathers and constantly follow her around to do it over and over again. We never leave them alone while he is out and have started leaving him in a different area as the other hens don’t mind her.
How do I get him to be nicer to her?
He may be eager to give her a "proper" introduction, or see her as a weakness to the flock and a liability therefore
We let him do a “proper” intro a couple of times but continues to do it .. hmm 🤔 maybe it’s because she so small compared to everyone . She’s half his size

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