Barred Rock Rooster?

Alabama Jack

5 Years
Oct 26, 2014
Huntsville, Alabama
Our "gals" are 4 months old, and one of our barred rocks has quite a bit bigger comb and wattles. However, the coloring and feathering seems to be the same as the other girls. I just walked out and there was a hen laying flat on the ground and this one was standing next to it, and there were some feathers on the ground. Made me think they may have just mated?!? Could this be a rooster??

Same age BR hen from our flock for comparison.

Thanks a ton, in advance!
I am thinking you have a dominant hen there. There is nothing saying to me male.
Yes the comb is big but then they are 16 weeks so would be crowing by now.
A dominant hen will mount other hens to prove they are the top hen.
The coloring is very even, there are no sickle feathers in the tail, the hackle feathers are the same coloring and shape as the body feathers, the saddle feathers are not pointy. All girl there.

This link shows clearly the differences in the roo vs the hen. I think you will see them right off.

Congrats on her being a her even if she is bossy to the other hens.

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