Barred Rocked- Hen or Roo? 13wks


May 7, 2022
Hi fellow chicken momma’s!

My barred rocks are 13wks and counting and I have one that is just simply unique than the rest but doesn’t really fit all the classic signs of a barred rock roo. He/she has always been darker in color than the rest of my more obvious hens, and seems to be maturing faster. Her/his comb and waddle are more red than the rest, but body stature wise seems a little larger/longer bodied then my other butter balls of the same age/breed. Behaves just like a hen thus far. Attached a pic of chick in question and a pic of one of my other hens (what all the others look like). Maybe just larger hen? Thoughts?


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This is another one of those that gives mixed signals. At 13 weeks that comb and wattles are really bright red. They are not that large for the age, just bright red. The legs in the second photo look a bit heavier than they do in the first, but not all that heavy. They are sort of tweenish but maybe more on the pullet side. Long heavy legs usually mean boy. The posture and body conformation look more pullet to me.

Do you know if this is a pure Barred Rock or could it be mixed? A pure BR boy will be lighter in color than a pure BR girl because the boys have two barred genes while the girls have only one. If you are sure this is a pure BR I'd say girl because of the color more than anything else. BR are supposed to be easy at this age but I see mixed signals.

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