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  1. I have 4 barred rock pullets that I purchases from TSC. They are 13 weeks old this week. Two of them have combs that are beginning to turn pink. Two of them do not have any change in their combs.

    I have two barred rock cross cockerels that are the same age. It has been evident that they are males since the age of 5-6 weeks of age.

    My question . . . . Is it possible that 2 of my pullets are not pullets? Is it normal for purebred cockerels to wait longer to show 'maleness' ?

    I dont have a camera, sorry. [​IMG]

    And . . . . At what age do barred rock pullets normally start laying ?
  2. I was hoping Speckled Hen would see this and put in her 2 cents worth in. . . . .

    I apologize for bumping [​IMG]
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    My barred rocks start laying between 18 and 20 weeks.

    While some BR cockerals are late bloomers, it's not common.

    If your BRs in question are the same dark color as the two you are sure are pullets - then they're pullets.

    Males are lighter and have thinner bars, and ankles/feets should already be hugely different as well at that age.

    Boys have great goober feets and ankles and girls are more dainty.
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    It's possible that the two who are starting to "pink up" are still girls, just getting ready to lay!

    Are they hatchery BRs? Or heritage BRs from a reputable breeder? The hatchery BRs will start to lay earlier than the heritage BRs because they've been bred for production over type.

    I can't give you a definitive answer without pictures, but there is still a good chance that they are female.

    How pink are the combs? Bright red, or dark pink? Or still a lighter pink?

    You can also look at the saddle feathers, and see if any are starting to curve downwards. Here's a pic of my BR roo at about 15 weeks. Note the bright red comb and the curved saddle feathers.

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  5. Thanks for the answers, guys ! I am almost positive they are pullets. . . .

    They are hatchery birds, from TSC.

    Yes, the feather colors are the same as their sisters.

    No, their feet are not huge either.

    Their combs are not bright red, but are getting pinker day by day and their wattles are growing, very slowly, but growing.

    And no saddle feathers either.

    I was getting nervous because my Leghorn pullets, the same age, are not pinking up yet. And I really thought the Leghorns would lay first !

    Thank you again, I love this board !
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    By 13 weeks, BR males have definite sickle feathers developing in their tails, and their combs are noticeably larger than females. In my experience, it's really easy to tell them apart by that age.

    This is a 12-13 weeks BR cockerel. How's it look compared to your BR's?
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  7. [​IMG] I responded to thank you guys for all the info. It didn't appear on the thread, it is bouncing around in outer space somewhere ! [​IMG]


    I will try again.....

    I was hoping that maybe they were getting ready to lay some time in the next month.

    My barred rock cross roosters look like the one in the picture. [​IMG]

    The pullets came from TSC, so are definitely not heritage birds. [​IMG]

    I don't see any saddle feathers [​IMG] and their combs are just pink, but getting darker pink daily [​IMG]

    All four pullets are the same color and I don't see any big goober feet either [​IMG]

    So, thanks for calming my fears, I was so afraid that I got some roosters in the bunch.

    It was bad enough when the Araucanas [​IMG] that I bought that day turned out to be red sexlinks, instead of EE's. (I knew there was no way that they were Araucanas)

    The only EE I got that day came out of the Leghorn bin ! But, I knew she was an EE, she had muffs and green legs ! And now she looks just like your white hen in the picture, Springchickens !
  8. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!

    Now the post appears [​IMG]

  9. Now I am freaked out again . . . . .

    My pullets heads look just like the cockerel that Jossanne just posted.

    But their tail feathers don't . . . .

    I have got to get some pictures, I will see if a neighbor will come over and take some for me !

    By the way, my cockerels look much more mature than her cockerel. Their combs and wattles are much bigger, their feet are much bigger and they have a lot more tail.
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    You can also look at their body color. Are they more white or black? More black typically indicates pullet.

    Hope you have girls! (I think you do)...

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