Barred Rock's first egg - ???


In the Brooder
8 Years
Jul 10, 2011
One of our Barred Rock girls jumped on the band-wagon and layed her first egg this afternoon. At first I thought something was wrong with her as she was just sitting out in the garden by herself. Not moving around or eating. Finally she wandered into the coop and looked through all the nesting boxes.....I guess she needed to find the perfect one.

After a few minutes in her final choice of boxes, she popped out an egg.

My son picked up the egg to take it in the house, and was shocked.....the egg was like a water balloon!
It weighed 1.2 oz and is a pretty light tan color. But it is squishy like a water balloon. I am assuming that this may be because it is her first I wrong? I guess we will find out in the next day or two when she lays her next egg. All of the other hens have laid eggs with a normal hard shell.


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