Barred Rocks - hens or roosters?


Aug 7, 2016
The other day one or two of our chickens began to crow - they are all 12 weeks old. We think the roosters are our two Barred Rocks...what do you think? They have had the red waddles and combs for quite a while now.

Chicken #1

Chicken #2
I was thinking the top one might be a pullet.
My dominate BR has huge red comb and wattles just like that one.
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This is my barred rock at about 11 weeks. She's about 12 weeks now, and while I don't have a photo yet this week, not much has changed in the comb/wattles department. Her comb is pink and not very big yet. By comparison I would believe yours are roo's, but I guess you never know.



This is where age is so crucial. The first bird especially could easily be a pullet were it 5 months old. But at only 12 weeks, all that comb and red says male all the way.

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