barred rocks


9 Years
Nov 4, 2014
just got 2 rocks about a month ago and no eggs yet (well 1 fart egg) there around 9 mos old . my other 3 reds are still laying during the cooler months. molting maybe? i do see some feathers hanging around but there bodies are full feathered and getting along with the other ladies.

do rocks molt at different times of the year?
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Change of environment coupled with shortened day length have probably caused your rocks to stop laying. Day length is gradually increasing so hopefully they will soon resume proeduction.,
I bought 6 barred rock chicks in June. Started worrying about them not laying and boom. Got my first egg tonight. On a cold and rainy day at that.
Think it a combo....seasonal change and I see a bunch of feathers hanging around. ..suspect molting.

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