Barrier height for roosters


May 21, 2020
Benton AR
I am planning on dividing off the back portion of a large shed as an indoor area for a bachelor flock of 3 roosters. They will have access to the outside during the day. The plan is to build a wall across the middle of the shed with a door for access, but I don't really want to build all the way up to the ceiling. So my question is how high does the wall need to be to keep the boys from hopping over into the storage area of the shed?
Probably need to go full height, strong/tight at top and bottom, or they'll get thru.
Had to do that with my temporary chicken wire wall to split the coop.
They are driven and tenacious!

How did you plan to build this wall....material, might help garner viable solutions.
I'm just at the planning stages right now, the shed is rather tall and it feels like overkill to build all the way to the roof. For scale the brooder box we made out of plywood to the left is 5 feet long, or high in it's current orientation. I'm thinking about making the divide about 2 or 3 studs in and the full width of the shed. I'll probably make it out of 2x4s and plywood with a door in the middle so I can get in there. There will be a chicken door in the back with a ramp so they can come and go during the day.


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I might add some chicken wire to the top, I'm thinking I want to keep the area ventilated with those big windows.
I was wondering about ventilation too.
Looks like your soffits are closed and that little tiny gable vent isn't going to help much.
The double hung(?) windows might help, hopefully they are protected from rain.
There are two large windows, one on either side of the shed. There is a small space between the roof and the side walls where air gets in as well as the peak having some sort of spacing with mesh that you can sort of see in the first picture I posted. I raised my chicks in there before they went to the coop with no problems. Plus I try to clean everything out regularly. I don't like the deep litter thing people do bc it just lets ammonia and moisture build up. We're tossing around the idea of putting in AC just for the sake of comfort, but by building a short as possible wall I was hoping to keep the ventilation about the same as before dividing the space.

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