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11 Years
Jan 4, 2009
Hey I love the changes that have been made and can only imagine the time and extra work that has/is being put into the system to handle these modifications....and far be it from me to complain.....BUT I would really like to see a section dedicated completely to Barter/Trade. I guess this may stem from my increasing "lack of confidence" in our monetary system and the fact that We All Have Something That We Are Willing To Trade For Something Else....
Example: I have a nice pair breeding of giraffes for sale. You really want said G's but lack the monetary assets to purchase them...But you have a very rare common house finch (oxymoron= the reason for the added value)...We agree upon a trade...Now you have the Giraffe pair and I have the finch....Hence the barter system...We need to get used to this system again...IT ISN'T FAR AWAY.....Maybe you could list what you have and that you are open to trades...Like an egg chain, sort of Maybe...But not limited to just eggs.

just a random thought...maybe I'm the only person with way more animals than money and no room with many more animals to buy.
Willing to accept payment via a trade or not will be up to the seller and should be stated at the beginning of a listing. For now this is what we suggest until / unless we find a better way.

Say you have a nice pair breeding giraffes for sale (BTW that would be SO COOL!). Let's say you are willing to accept cash or a trade for them. Here is what you could do:

1) Go to the "Everything Else For Sale" section and create a "BUY IT NOW" listing.
2) Set the price for what you think your giraffes are worth / how much you are willing to accept.
3) Very clearly in the first part of the message of the listing say something like:
"I'm willing to accept trades for this item. Please post what you are willing to trade or PM me and we can discuss."
4) If someone is willing to pay cash, they just Buy It Now
5) If someone is willing to trade / barter and you agree to the terms, then they could hit "Buy It Now" and payment / trade would be worked out after the listing is over.

How's that sound?

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