basic questions from a newbie


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Would it be wise to put chicken wire around my fence if i let them out or would they stick pretty close to the coop? I hear that sawdust isnt a good flooring material because if they eat it it will get caught and they will choke so are wood shavings the best answer? How many nesting boxes should i have for 6 or 8 hens? thanks for the help

You will find a TON of info on BYC! Use the search feature - it should pull up the info that you're looking for. Just be aware that BYC is very addicting!

The chicken wire depends on the type of fencing you have, and the predators you may have in the area.

I use wood shavings, but I'm not sure if the sawdust would be OK for chickens or not.

You could probably get away with one nest box, two would be plenty.

Have fun!!!

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