Basil and Mint


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
I got some herbs today to plant in the window boxes out in the chicken yard and was wondering if these herbs (basil and mint) would alter the taste of the eggs OR if any of you have fed these to your chickens and what their reaction was to them.
I was going to plant flowers but went with something edible instead, after all if they won't eat it theres always us and the bunnies.
I feel like I'm following you, now. It's not intentional, I swear.
For the record, I certainly noticed a difference in the taste of the eggs when my aunt's duck, piper, got into the mint. However, I am, at times, highly susceptible to suggestion, so I could have been imagining it.
Did they eat alot over the day or everyday? I may have to limit it OR just save it for the rest of us.
I just need to think of something else the chickens can eat that would work in pots
The duck got out of the yard while she was at work, and destroyed all her mint, so she did eat alot. Maybe a little bit wouldn't have made a difference. It would be neat if you could pre season omelets by feeding chickens herbs.
My chickens won't eat either herb, although they like to dig around in the mint & tear it up. It would be great to make an omelet with the seasonings already in the egg!
My hens pick through my herb bed when free-ranging, but don't eat much. There's plenty of grass and other greens, plus I don't think they prefer the stronger flavors.
They do like to eat carrot tops, though! I don't begrudge them those, of course.
When I want to harvest some herbs, I spray them with water after the peeps have gone to bed, leave them overnight, then harvest the next morning.

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