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    Feb 17, 2011
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    Do chicks enjoy bathing like birds do? I often see mine (older ones, not chicks) come outside in a gentle rain and do a few feather shakes, they seem to enjoy it. In the past we've raised Cockatiels who LOVE baths. Give them a dish of water and they hop in to play. Is this something that interests chickens as well? I've heard dust baths mentioned, but no water.

    Today I had to clean some poopy bottoms off and they all fell asleep in the water within seconds while I held their bottom in, even my meanest production red.
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    I have never seen my girls go into the mud puddles and try to take a bath.

    They LOVE bathing in the dirt, though, and dig out lots of giant holes in the ground that I trip over closing up the coops. [​IMG]

    Chicks DO fall asleep in the water. When I bathe my silkies in warm water they do act like they like it. I just get the feeling they won't do it on their own ever.

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