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    Mar 13, 2012
    This is the Story of how my Mom brought home free chickens
    and they grew up in my bathtub until today.


    The First two Bantam chicks that my mom brought home, she got them for free because they were the smallest and very sick looking. They were cold and not eating, I think they had a hard time with the stress of being transported to the feed store. It's was too cold for them to stay outside, and we're in Arizona, so I told her to put them in my bathtub because I am away in college and I'm not using it anyways. This was in January. We had named the black chick Tina Turner, and the white chick Celine Dion, (They were loud peepers)

    After a few days of being in the bathtub next to a small space heater, Tina Turner had not gotten better and passed away. Celine Dion was very upset so mom went back to the feed store to buy two more Bantams. Apparently, the feed store had got another shipment of regular chicks and there was one with a deformed leg. There was a older couple sitting and looking at the handicap chick and making comments of "Why havent you killed it yet?" "Do people eat these?" and other things. The same girls who let mom take the sick bantams a few days earlier were working again, told my mom to take the handicap chick for free along with the two other bantams mom just bought. So she scooped it up before the older couple could complain some more.


    So here is the current bunch of chicks. The brown one under the light is the handicap hen, you can see her foot is pointing upwards, she can move her toes, but she has to hop around on one leg. The box in the tub got renovated and we put cat toys in the box for them to curl up with. I have still to name all of them.


    Now it is spring break in March and they have grown up and are completely in the bathtub. The white chick I know is a Black and White Japanese Bantam. The Silver and black one is a Modern Game Bantam, as for the others I am still at a loss. The Handicap chick is still alive, she just does not like her picture taken. Time to move out guys! I am home and I need my bathroom back.

    Now to make the coop:


    Found these around the house, mostly left over from when my mom built a large coop for the other hens we currently have.
    4 pieces of plywood, a piece of cement board (left over from a college art project), a milk crate, branches from the palo verde in my yard, and two old rabbit cages I found behind the house, (the lady who lived here before us was a hoarder of things)


    The general idea I came up with.


    All painted and put together, I added a ramp out of a old pallet I found, and wooden dowels I found in a junk drawer. The branches became perches. The shoe box is a nest/bed for the Handicap chick, held in place by more wooden dowels.


    Bedding and shavings added, perches placed, as well as the rabbit cages taken apart and now installed to keep them from getting out. I Like to call it "Bannie Mannor". Now to add the peepers.


    Washing the Chicks before they venture outside to live in Bannie mannor. They all thoroughly enjoyed this.


    Drying next to the heater, not a peep was given.


    After all had dried, they are now outside in the coop.



    I call her Turkey Vulture because she has such long legs and neck, She enjoys the change of scenery.

    This should last them until they are big enough to go hang out with the other hens, in another two months or so. Then I will have to make lower nesting boxes to the coop to accommodate the handicap hen, as well as a covered shelter for the winter to keep the turkey vulture hen warm during our rare cold winters.

    Now I get the joy of cleaning up the mess that is left in my bathroom, huzzah.
    Thanks for reading!
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    I enjoyed your story and pictures of your babies. We have a jap. bantam. She is skittish, but beautiful. Enjoy your babies!
  3. That was an adorable story of your chicks. They all look very happy! Welcome to BackYardChickens!
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    May 11, 2010
    How sweet!

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    Aww I love them! What a neat/creative idea!

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