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    Pics of mini-bator I put together yesterday. Can accomodate 8-10 eggs, and will hatch in another. It's pretty small, but is very stable so far. Invested in a wafer thermostat, and we're still playing with a turner concept, using a tackle box tray...will drill holes through which a dowel rod connected to the box will allow turning from outside. Can you use poly-fil to push around the eggs, to keep them standing "up?" Wouldn't see why not.

    No floor yet. I mounted the fan on the inside pane of the window, and used spacers, thinking that would encourage better air flow. But, there's plenty of air movement, and now in this smaller space, the eggs will get a direct hit, and despite good temps and humidity, that may not be optimal.

    This bator is sitting on top of the first one we did, using a water heater therm. I put a dimmer on it, and have been able to help the temp swings.

    This is really satisfying, and fun. I like duct tape better than caulk, but caulk does look more professional. Don't let the wiring intimidate you. It's really very easy. Just be patient the first time or two, then the "light bulb will come on," (pun intended) and it'll go very quickly. Good drawings here to help you.

    I do have a surplus of fans and 12V converters on hand now, so if any one needs one, let me know.
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    I wish it was a bigger picture. What did you make it from? I am thinking of making one out of one of those small refrigerators (but I am woman) and my DH knows less then me [​IMG] when it comes to electric.

    Could you tell me what state you live in? I see you have extra fans?
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    oops. lets see if I can fix that.

    It's been right on, all day. Hasn't budged 1 degree. Yay!
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    I bought a styro cooler at Walmart for this one. You can also get a free "bait' cooler from the soorting goods department, but you have to show up on the right day at the right time, or they throw them away. I'm just playing so far, as I test different ideas for a semi-automatic turner. Next one, I'll use a frig, if I can find one cheap. (I gave TWO away last year!!).

    In case you haven't bookmarked them, here are some GREAT tutorials:

    Sure, I can sell a fan and power cord to you, and will mark the wires that need to be wired together. But, you could get off cheaper (postage will cost as much as getting a 12V power cord/adaptor (such as what runs your cell phone) at the thrift store for about a dollar, and fan out of a computer power supply, about 2-4 bucks.

    As for wiring, it's easy once you get the concept and have a few basic tools. Just be very careful. I am glad that I bought the wafer thermostat....but the one I built using a water heater element is working pretty well, just takes closer watching, and I sometimes am gone for 14-16 hours.

    Have fun!! Trust me, if hubby and I can do this, ANYBODY can!
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