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Jul 27, 2009
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I am using a hot water heater thermostat...It was on the back wall (metal plate) but the heat swing was too much...Rigged something real quick to get it close to the light 60w left side 40w right side. My temps stay within a half to 1 degree so all is good...except underneath where I want the eggs to hatch..It stays at 98.4.. I tried rigging another light below 60w, but it does nothing..There is like a 2 degree difference. I have tried leaving the light on the bottom constant, but it throws everything off eventually..I tried 25w bulb down there. The fan I'm using is from a honeywell fan...ripped it apart and just used the motor and fan and it works great. I had 2 different types of cpu fans but they didn't work because of the size a mini fridge. I added the light on the bottom today and added some water bottles to see if it would help.

The eggs in the turner will hatch at different times that is why I need to have the bottom the same temp. Looking for any suggestions. One batch has to go down there tonight and another batch tomorrow night and the last in 2 weeks. I threw this thing together over the weekend and didn't remember the bottom temp because I didn't have the tray in..I have been tweaking this since the weekend so not sure how the hatch will be.

Any suggestions?





I do understand what you mean...when I put my hand under the egg turner I really can't feel the air from the fan...I put the fan on high and still no big difference..and this fan really blows air. Can you suggest something I can do temporarily that would be easy to put in?....

You may be able to add another fan just under the eggs to help.

Dont look like there is enough room for a false back. What I would do is get 2 elbows an a length of 3 inch pipe. Drill a 3 inch hole as high as I can on ether the side or back of the incubator. And another hole as low as I can on the same side or back. Then use the pipe to connect them an turn the fan or add another fan to push hot are in the top of the pipe. Then you have the main part of the incubator with air moving up an the pipe with air moving down. No still air.
Could you attach 2 large computer fans under your turners as they suck air in and blow out so that would send a flow from the middle down. and then add one at the bottom to blow up. the computer fans are good for small areas dont forget that at the bottom dont put on the bottom i have 4" screws in mine to suspend of the wall else they wont suck air in and blow etc.

is that worth a try?

i wired mine by cutting off a iphone usb cable (must charge not the data one) it will have red and black and white inside (cut white fold back and tape up) i have 2 fans soldered to mine works fine just plug into a usb wall plug.

(dont follow my advice i am not a electrician i am a DIY Bodger lolol havent burnt the house down yet but there still time!!! lololol )
Thanks for all the replies.....I ended up putting 2 cpu fans underneath the egg turner shelf and it brought the heat down and the temp is stable all through out the bator... I will add a fan on top and on the bottom with a pipe of some sort after this hatch to avoid thermal layers...

Thank you again for the help

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