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  1. i bought a still air bator from TSC i think its the little giant everyone keeps talking bad about... but anyway i got water in the rings, the temp right at 98-99, and i have the air plugs open to let air in ..... i put some mix bardyard bantams eggs in there to test it out so i will let yall know what happens... but does all of this sound like it will work.. this is my 1st time with a bator so im a little worried about this....
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    May 13, 2009
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    I have an LG, filled it with shipped eggs and 4 of my own light brahma eggs, and nearly all are developing. Oh and it's my first time incubating. It's still air with no tuner - I am turning by hand. So far so good! I was pretty surprised by everyone saying how hard they are to regulate temp and humidity, so far I've had no trouble. Best wishes!!!
  3. Quote:thanks.... i thought about buying some eggs and put some in there but i think i will stick with my 5 bantams eggs,,, i too have to turn them by hand
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    May 18, 2009
    i have the lg in my closet and it is good on its tempz it was my first incubator! congratz and welcome to hatching!

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