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Barista Queen
11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
I just bought a lg still air with auto turner (because it's all I can get my hands on at the moment). I have 6+ banty ameraucana eggs being shipped today-will be here next week. Should I have my broody hen sit on them, or tinker with the bator? Which do you think will have better results? I have the weekend to either make her a more cozy, solitude set-up, or mess with the bator. Should I do some with her-some in the bator? I'm totally new to incubators, so I'm a little freaked out about it, not to mention all the bad reviews of the lg. Help!!!
If the broody is a reliable one, I would let her hatch them. I would also tinker with the bator just in case the hen stops sitting. If you want, you can always get more eggs for the bator!!!
Oh yeah-my husband will just love that I'm being encouraged to get more!!

I found a few local resources with eggs, so I may just have to get more for the bator! How will I know if my hen is unreliable-will she just not set right from the start, or (more likely) get up at day 15 or something? Geez-I would feel like I had to watch her like a...well, you know.

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