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Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I'm thinking of rescuing some battery hens. I need to know a few things.

If you have a good website about them, then please send me a link!

Thank you!
I PM ed you

take a look at my Page .
it has some info on the battery hen

here is a few links. mostly about the ex-battery hen.
They have a few questions people often ask like why it happens? how it happpens? ect...

The life of battery hens

why help them

This is a GREAT link and is one of my favorets
really look and explore it.
Battery hens are eggeaters and will teach others to eat eggs. I suggest you re-think the idea.
Sorry, but I believe that is False
some may, but I highly doubt that.
these poor hens are in desperate need of homes. They live a horrible life. It is cruel not to adopt for something that may or most likely will not happen.
The chance of them eating eggs is the same for any other hen. Normal hens teach others to eat eggs as well.

If you have had this problem, I could be wrong, but I am assuming you did not collect the eggs. I can understand why they may do it. the poor battery hens did not know why they were allowed to even lay an egg in straw without it being taken away from them right away. They may not know what to do with it at first.
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I have raised chickens about 35 years including ex battery hens. It is not natural for hens to eat eggs and whether you choose to believe it or not does not matter they are egg eaters and it is not thier fault and adoptees need to know the facts about them when they get them. I post this warning on every thread about battery hens, sorry.

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