battery operated dog crate fan.


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10 Years
May 31, 2009
I had 90 degrees today and was worried about my chickens as I had to put them in the coop early due to a storm. I remembered that I had a fan that was battery operated that fit on my dogs crate. I found it, after the storm passed I reopened the window and put that fan in it to draw in some of the cooler air. Seems to be working.

I also read about feeding chickens yogurt, and I always have that on hand as I feed it to my dog daily. Decided to try it for the chickens. It was hysterical. At first they wouldn't have anything to do with it, then I sprinked just a tiny bit of cracked corn on it. They went nuts. Yogurt was flying all over. Chickens were literally running their beaks thru it to scoop it up. They were eating it off each others feathers. Thanks for the great idea. I am sure that cold yogurt cooled them off. Kinda like us with an ice cream cone.

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