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Battle Front - Romance/Action story ~ Please read!

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by LittleLady98, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Planet: Rahga
    Year: 5271


    It is the year 5271. King Atiro rules the planet Rahga. His only child, a daughter named Aura, leads battles against other planets. The battles must be won if Rahga is to survive in the universe. The latest war is against the planet Thira. The leader of the Thirian army is Prince Cadmar, Aura's forbidden love. They have tried to prevent war, but nothing has worked...But they must find a way to prevent war, and bring ultimate peace to the universe if they ever wish to have their marriage blessed by the leaders of the separate planets.


    [​IMG]: Aura Batildis - The warrior princess of Rahga. She has a determined attitude, and it's not easy to persuade her in anything if she has made up her mind. She is kind, caring, loving, but yet still a true warrior. Her dark brown hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail when she is in battle. Her pale grey eyes seem to look into your soul. Her red tattoos show her rank as a warrior princess.

    [​IMG]: Cadmar Dalka - Warrior prince of Thiria. He is kind, fearless, cautious, but bold, caring and gentle, yet brave and merciless in battle.He is wise beyond his years. He listens to both sides of a story before judging, and he thinks things through before acting. He has medium length blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. His handsome, chiseled features compliment his muscular build and handsome face.

    Chapter 1

    Princess Aura sneaked out of the castle, on her way to meet Cadmar. She walked quietly past the guards, and she was almost past when CRACK! She stepped on a twig. She looked over her shoulder with fear and ran silently through the woods towards her Space-Rider. Many feet could be heard behind her, chasing.

    "Your Highness!" The guards called into the black forest. "Your Highness! You must return to the castle!"

    She ran on, finally coming to her Space-Rider. She entered the space craft and it roared to life, rising from the gravity-bound planet. She barely escaped from the guards, who did not have space crafts.


    If I get 5 votes from people who like this, then I'll continue the story.
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  3. Lol, thanks Singing!
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  6. Okay, changed me mind, i didnt read the pro-logue before... [​IMG]


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