Battle of the Hens, HELP!

Namaste Mama

11 Years
Sep 18, 2008
:eek: Ok apparently my Hens do not like each other. I can't believe it but I just went out side to find one hen bleeding from the breast area and feathers from my two other hens all over thier hen house. The one that was on the bottom of the pecking order is now fluffing her feathers like she was the winner.

The bleeding one wandered out of the coop and went in to a cat carrier that I had out side the coop and is resting. She won't let me touch her to check out the wound.

Cry, so what do I do? I'm fairly new to the chickens and this is so upsetting to me.
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red-headed stepchild
11 Years
Feb 6, 2008
Southeast Coast of Florida
* Go ahead, bring her in, carrier and all. Grab a light towel. Use the tub, and tip her out of the carrier into it gently. Wrap her snugly in a light towel right away, put on your lap and open the towel enough to check the wound out. (Disregard if you got this done.) Post your findings a.s.a.p.. Wash the wound, apply an antiseptic. Keep her out of the pen until she's well, with no wound showing.
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