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    I brought a young duck into the vet last week for URI symptoms (watery droppings yellow in color, ruffled and shivering, nasal discharge, cheesy eye discharge and raspy breathing, foul smell from beak) and they prescribed Baytril, she also had what looked like bumble foot and they said the Baytril would help that too. It was 22 mg 1/2 tablet fed into the bill twice daily. She died after one day of treatment with twisted neck. Now my other duck has green watery droppings and is quacking strangely and was gaping while quacking strangely when she was swimming for ten minutes. She hasn't quacked like that or gaped like that since yesterday. She also has what looks like the potential start of bumble foot on the outer edges of her feet so I am treating with saline and vetericin, initially I tried soaking and clear iodine. Due to my cats catching a mouse inside a few weeks back I am wondering if it is pasturella and not URI. I can't get my girl to the vet again till payday and can't figure out the Baytril dosage to give her as the one that died was less than half the size of my two year old Saxony who is sick now. I suspect the one I lost wasn't eating a lot by the time she went to the vet too so she was very light when they weighed her. I tried calling the vet and they refuse to tell me anything till I bring her in for an appointment other than the quacking suggests URI and that they have never seen a case of pasturella in a duck before.
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    The dose is somewhere between 4.5 to 9 mg per *pound* per *day*. If I were going to use the pill I would give 4.5mg per pound twice a day, but that's just me. If you need help with the math, let me know and I'll calculate a dose for you.


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