Baytril - not ok for chickens but ok for cows and pigs?


Jun 29, 2018
Ok so Baytril is banned for use in poultry because of fears of antibiotic resistance in humans but it is still legal to use in cows and pigs?:confused:

Can anyone explain this to me because I’m so confused lol
I still use it for any of my birds because it works very good. I don’t know if it’s banned for cows and pigs but get it from out vet who works with cows and livestock. They keep it in stock so I’m assuming it’s still legal for cows and pigs.
There's a long withdrawal period when used in many livestock species, and for current regulations, look at the website.
Chickens and ducks producing eggs are a different situation, because products used on them will be present in their eggs, sometimes for a very long time. It's about the eggs!!!
Baytril is not allowed in lactating dairy cows, and in non-lactating cattle, there's a 28 day withdrawal before using them for meat. Fluoroquinolones are important drugs against human bacterial infections, and we all want them to work when we need them!
This study was published in Libya in 2009, and currently standards in the USA restrict many antibiotics much more severely. Look it up on the website, not an older research paper.
Legally they are still livestock, and it's best to know what the regulations are for them. What you actually do might be different, and that's up to you.
What do you do with those eggs?
It's about developing antibiotic resistant bacteria in your environment, and at least think carefully before using them.
I put them in a pretty tray on my kitchen counter - we have all different colors and I just think they are pretty.

Our chickens truly are our pets by every definition.

Just seems like more research may be necessary?

Oops sorry chickerella this was intended for Folly’s Place

The reason behind this is that it can cause hallucinations in humans when eating the eggs. I use it as it's an awesome abx. I an not selling eggs from treated birds. I

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