BCM and BO that are 35 weeks old and have not laid yet! Help?!


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8 Years
Mar 23, 2011
I looked around the forums and didn't see anything on this so here goes:
I have some Black Copper Marans and some Buff Orpingtons that I got the first week of February this year and they have not started laying yet. I have raised RIRs, EEs, Silkies, and White Leghorns before and they all laid around 18 - 20 weeks at most. What is going on? They are all large and healthy looking and have plenty of food and water daily.
It has been a hot summer here in Florida but it has cooled down nicely over the last few weeks. Hopefully, they will start soon. I am getting worried about diseases or mites, etc. Never had that problem before though.

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