BCM Eggs! more pics


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
thomasville nc
This is my first auction so please bear with me as I am learning how to do this. This will be my first time shipping eggs and I will be packaging them very carefully. I have looked at techniques of alot of shippers and have combined what I feel are the best. I accept paypal only on my auctions. PM me with any questions you might have.

I have one dozen of BCM eggs up for grabs! These come from Davis and Wade Jean lines. I will include pics of the parents. I have my layer girls in with the marans and the maran roo. I assure you there is only one roo in the bunch. All the other girls lay white or tan colored eggs so there is no mixing them up. I will take more pics later this morning to show them better. The 2 eggs in the carton that arent BCM eggs are just to show how dark the eggs are and will not be in the shipment. You will get 1 full dozen of BCM eggs.

some of the parent flock

and more
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