BCMs- Approximately 8 weeks- what gender?

My uneducated opinion sees it the same way, A pretty pair!

Nice pictures against the rock wall.

Good Luck!

Watch for those copper colored feathers to start appearing.
I'm no expert (or even all that knowledgeable to be honest) but I was SOOO looking forward to those dark choc. eggs from my one BCM... and the experts on the BCM thread even declared her a female... but then the copper feathers started showing up - on her back - on her neck..... Finally the experts said she was a he but I held out hope right up until the day 'she' crowed.
He's now my gorgeous, friendly, flock protecting roo, and I find that I don't miss the dark eggs. Maybe in the spring when I get a few more chicks to round out my flock, I'll try again for a BCM hen.

Hurra was a cute chick

And then homely as can be....

Per the experts, still a female here....

I was hopeful but getting concerned here....

Wish I had a better pict.. but there's no denying it now - he's a he
How is his disposition?

Black Copper Marans is one of my favorite eye candy breeds to look at,

Was thinking of trying to order some for the spring.

Those, and some Coronation Sussex would be a fantasy. I am also praying to the chicken GOds to one day own a pair of Bielefelder!
Check one out!

Rooster on left, hen on right. Gorgeous aren't they?

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