BCM's hatching!!


8 Years
Dec 10, 2011
ok First baby pipping! on our first BCM's!

I'm literally sitting on my hands watching this! LORD! WE want these babies so much! this is day 20! another one starting early. We have 12 BCMS and I think for sure 5 are good CAN't see into these! and some kinda look not developed maybe clear so we will see! I can put these babies with the others that came this last week! here are a few pics of this past weeks baby and my pip tonight!

pip! BCM

first hatchlings

one of our bantam babies what color is this? blue? and I guess he is a silkie cross? 5 toes but not black skinned,one baby IS black skin and five toes but has FEATheRS on wings


new babies in brooder



hope that wasnt to many! killing time waiting for this baby to hatch! taking forever! come on babies!
Do they always come at night?
I have two pipping! And the chick that was pipping last night is alive and I can see him his hole is bigger...but he isnt ZIPPING?! wonder why...he isnt turning he is not even trying to get out!! and now there is another baby pipping as of 9 am it is officially hatch day...
awww!!! I cant wait for mine to hatch !!!!
(Jan 28th) Its taking me for ever to wait ! :oldJust kidding !!
One chickies feet does looks like silkies. (mine will be silkies and mutts)
I have few questions..
how soon after did you moved them to the box? are you using sawdusts ? and heat lamp ? whats the ideal temps for the new babies? I dont want to over heat them !! Thanks !
I moved them out of the bator when they where DRY and FLUFFY ,DONT open the bator!! Wait till they ALL hatch and are dry. this can take a couple of days....mine where ok to move the next day. MY darlin made a bad A** brooder and we use pine shavings...cedar is toxic to chickens I hear. Shavings are easy to clean although the babies tend to peck at it... it smells good to! Then Iput shelf liner over the shavings in places where they eat and drink to minimize shavings in there water...with the heat and them scratching the shavings into the waterer it dries up thier water so you have to clean it ALOT. My brooder is big...the pic only shows half as they arent big enough to leave the lighted area yet...then other end has no lights and has a log for later....before they went into this brooder they are set up in trays in a mini greenhouse we got for 20 bucks at tractor supply! I dont mind answering questions...IF I know the answers!! we curently have three bators going but those pics are my first hatch!! lol so I'm a baby too!!!
ohhhh splash !!
I swear I order eggs and its gonna be like noahs ark around here I got two of everything I see!!! I'm an addict already sheesh... OMGOSH! WE bought THE cutest little house from an auction!! it will be our silkie house/run....I painted it yesterday...except the trim it is an A frame miniature darling thing....and the silkies are still in the brooder!! HAHAHAHAHA
ideal temp for babies is around 95 the first week and then lower by 5 degrees every week after... mine are silly babies they are hot sometimes and will lay in the light and pant when they could easily move out of the darn warm light so I am already raising the light to lower temp ALSO to much heat can cause pasty butt! I don't want that I have had it dont WANT it!!
I found that 95 was too hot and I had pasty butt on all of mine. I raised the light till they were quiet and sleeping happily. I now go by how the chicks are acting and not the temp so much. They are much happier and no pasty butts!! I have Noahs ark currently going on! I have WAY to many in the house and 2 bators going nonstop!

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