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    Aug 20, 2014
    Couple months ago a member of this forum contacted me about my experience with impeyan eggs bought at Frankstrade and gave him a good recommendation. I did not tell him that one egg was broken for bad packaging and I paid for the shipping of another egg that was also broken. I thought broken eggs are not an issue as long as it is take taken care of. Well apparently Frank who runs Frankstrade and the owner of
    is not a responsible seller at all, instead to appreciate that I paid for the shipping of the second egg he decided to prevent me from bidding. I sell on eBay and if the eggs are broken I apologize to the buyer and send another set with free shipping. Apparently Frank is not like that and I advise everybody who wants to buy eggs at FrankStrade to be informed that he does not take responsibility and blame buyers.
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    good to know
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    When they first started that site I was leary because of they way they advertised.The ads read young pair of impeyans,but they show pics of adult birds.Well certainly I know the difference but someone just getting started buys them and are quickly disappointed.And the starting price was higher then breed birds.I was notified by a guy that I honestly trust and he said the site was on the up and up.So I don't know what to say about them.
    I honestly don't believe in buying or selling eggs.Shipped eggs you are paying good money for eggs that may not hatch,and I'm sure you paid at least 50.00 per egg on an impeyan.The seller maybe having an excellent hatch at his end,but shipped eggs can get banged around and if they get xrayed,their dead.
    In N.H.,Tony.
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    Aug 20, 2014
    The fertility was good and I never complained about it because I know shipping is hazardous to the eggs. I was lucky the other egg hatched. I sell eggs too and when they are broken with proof, i send others with free shipping. The seller received pics of damaged box by USPS and have to show him how to file a claim with the office. He never try to understand I am the victim, but charged me for the shipping of another egg that was cracked too. He puts the eggs in a plastic cup inside the shipping box which is bad. So the issue is not eggs fertility but rather the unprofessional behavior of Frank. From my experience that person is not trustworthy.
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    One thing I would like to point out that although the minute amount of radiation from the X-Ray cabinet likely isn't good for them it likely isn't all that bad either... The normal radiation exposure from things passing through an airport or postal cabinet machines is 1 millirad or less, you get exposed to about 360 millirads of radiation just standing around on Earth for a year... So the X-ray exposure at the airport or postal machine is about equivalent to what the egg gets in one day period normally, or about 1/21 or less of what it will be exposed to prior to hatching... If they do get X-rayed they just get a double dose that day, but it's minute and almost certainly not a lethal dose and at the end of the day likely doesn't even effect fertility to any negotiable degree...

    There is a much, much higher risk of the egg being killed by simple rough handling or dropping, or environmental exposure during shipping...
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    I'm new a the whole ornamental pheasant thing and I was wondering if there is a site to buy exotic pheasants besides franks trade and I e been on softbill as well but there must be some other good one ?

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