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    Jan 20, 2014
    We have had a Great Pyrenees for a year now after having a Hawk attack and he has been so great. He will not let anything big or small near the coop. He has watched the roos alert because of a hawk flying by and now will run and bark at the hawk too. It is not uncommon to walk out to make sure everyone is fine and see him laying in the sun with chickens laying no and around him. So funny. So if you have the room on your land get one. Best worker on the farm.
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    Nov 27, 2012
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    There is nothing sweeter than watching a good dog do his job well!

    Tell us how you acquired and trained your LGD.
    How much land do you have?
    Do you live in the country?
    What was your prior experience with owning and training dogs?

    A good LGD can be fantastic addition to an animal rearing homestead, but there's a lot involved that folks should know other than thinking it will solve all their predator problems.
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  3. We had a Pyr when the kids were little and it used to overrrun them and we had to send her back to the farm we got her from. [​IMG]I loved that pup but she was hurting my babies. She found a new farm to roam and is still Queen of the castle there. Just not a good fit for us, but awesome guard dog.

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