Beak/comb deformity?


May 18, 2015
South London
I've got four chicks, two of which are a speckled sussex and possibly a leghorn, both five weeks, the other two, don't really know about their breeds, about three weeks.

I'm relatively new to chicken care (I've only had two chicks before, but only for about two or three weeks, then gave them to a backyard chicken owner) so I don't know what's going on...

My youngest and smallest chick, Svartfågel, always seemed to be lacking the ability to grow a comb. And his beak seemed completely fine two days ago. Of course, because of his lack of a comb, I assumed "he" was a "she". That topic is still under debate.

But today, I took him and his brother, Gyllene, out and noticed an odd sort of growth on Svart's beak and where his comb would be if he had one.

Instead of his normal-looking curved beak surface that was there for three weeks, he now has a disturbing lump sitting on the top of his beak. It seems to have also distorted the nasal curvature of his beak, forming one big mass of beak.

At the very top, though, he looks to have three very stubby, round comb pricks. Basically like an inflated comb.

I know this is not normal because his brother does not have this deformity; he has a perfectly fine (and rather large for his age) comb.

My older chicks also do not seem to have any deformed beaks/combs.

Is this some sort of rare gene that he can live with, or is he doomed? It worries me a bit because it developed surprisingly quick-- I'd say overnight because he was fine yesterday midday-- and because it's sort of starting to look like it'll block his nostrils.

If I have to put him down, I will, but if there is a chance that he could live on well, I would still care for him.

He is a very cuddly and socially warm bird in general and would hate to see him pass away.

Since he is currently sitting on my shoulder I can hear him sneeze. It sounds like he's got a stuffy nose or something... If it helps, I am currently down with a cold, but I am almost 1000% sure chickens, and a lot of animals, cannot contract human colds.

Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: 5/26/15 The inflammation has gone down just a bit, but now it's very crusty and flaky. He seems to have an old bloody bruise on his closed nostril, indicating that perhaps one of my older chicks has been picking at him.
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