Beak torn off. Will it regrow?


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Mar 27, 2019
Our hens were attacked by something about 3 weeks ago and we lost several. I have 2 survivors who had their beaks torn off. I have separated them and they have been eating softened pellets. They have lost some weight but are maintaining now and acting normal but their beaks are basically gone. I'm wondering if they will eventually grow back since they were so damaged.
If the beak was severely damaged then it may not grow back, hard to say without seeing it. If the quick is not damaged too much they will often grow out, if the quick is damaged or missing, then likely not. Birds can adapt and do well with a little special care in many cases, that is up to you. There are multiple threads here about chickens that lost their beaks, some do quite well, if you search for them. Here is one:
I would continue to monitor their weight to make sure they are able to eat and drink well. Mash of feed mixed in water is usually easier for them and will help hydrate them. Raising dishes up off the ground some also can help them as well as deeper dishes, so they can kind of scoop. Somewhere I read a thread where someone had one that learned to drink by dunking their whole head. Best of luck.
Thanks for the link. After seeing those stories I dont think they will get their beaks back but those chickens eventually were able to eat regular food again. This gives me hope that I will be able to put them back with the flock once they have had more time to recover!

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