Beak trimming on chicks, ducks, and geese


5 Years
Apr 8, 2014
We are new to having chickens geese and ducks, and are wondering if you should have their beaks trimmed? I have heard it is good to have the chickens done, but I am not so sure about the ducks and geese??
How many chickens are you planning on getting? If you aren't getitng a gazillion and squashing them into a small space, there really isn't a reason to debeak them.

I've never heard of duck and goose debeaking.
Ditto TLWR - No offense to anyone, but no, don't trim their beaks. In a decent environment that is just not called for.

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okay thank you very much! we are getting about 25 chickens to grow and eat and 6 laying hens..2 embden geese, and 2 white pekin ducks

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