Bean Rash


One Handy Chick
15 Years
Jan 7, 2009
LOL Have you ever got a rash from picking string beans? It's just odd. My arms are covered with red splotches. On my face too. I don't garden so I dunno. My husband does the gardening. He had to work today so I thought I would help with the garden. Hmmph not doing that again!!
Never got a rash from picking string beans, but when I helped remove pole bean leaves and vines at end of season, made my arms splotchy and so itchy. Cucumbers, squash picking gets my arms immediately.
That is probably what it is. I was reaching for them on the ladder. He has them on high poles. I know the leaves and vines brushed my arms. I get something from strawberries that is about the same.

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