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  1. spook

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    Recently we have all had bear issues, yes, including myself. I went out the door to the hen house yesterday morning to find a nice fresh pile of fecal material on my DOOR STEP![​IMG]
    Of course this made me stop and scratch my head seeings there was no trash out, nothing unusual that I'm aware of. I did process my meat birds, so I assume I attracted them with the smell of blood and live hens with grain, garden with corn and all the berries we have around.
    There has been a sow and a cub spotted recently, so I have been extra cautious.
    I located this site, thought I'd share it with you folks, perhaps help or give you a better knowledge so you can ask questions.
    Good luck with your preditors.

    You may have to copy paste...
  2. wilds of pa

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    Hey spook, thanks for sharing..was a good read.. your link worked.. [​IMG]
    Yup just keep an eye out, if its a female it may be back. males tend to roam unless the food is real good..

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  3. 12 Acres

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Oak Harbor, OH
    Lordy! I'm so glad we don't have to deal with these large predators here. How scary for you! Stay vigilant and SAFE!
  4. patvetzal

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    Aug 12, 2008
    Bancroft, Ontario
    12 Acres- I always thought that OH stood for Ohio...The range shown on the map may be a little out of date....
    Spook- A very good artical. Some of it is "politically correct" but most seems like it comes from a group of knowledgible sources in the real world. A few years ago our bear regs were revamped in order to gain votes, as opposed to scientific bear management. We are now trying to live with the results.
  5. 12 Acres

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Oak Harbor, OH
    I was born and raised in NW Ohio and now live in my childhood home. We've never had black bears here.
  6. spook

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    Thank you for reading this article, we all have to be "politically correct" these days [​IMG] . Its not easy for the critters to stay out of our yards when we have such delicious smells wafting from our homes.
    I have had the over run of preditors lately, the bear (that pooped on the doorstep), Racoons trying to climb the chicken wire fence- peeling staples out of the wood while grabbing the bird net from the top of the pen to hold onto....and then night before last, dog-gon Mr. Skunk walked out FROM the garage to get a drink of water from there dish. Thank heavens he is used to me. I went out, spoke to him, he waddled off and I put the chickens to bed.
    Oh and the blessed event of honor...a juvinille Bald Eagle stopped by for a chicken dinner...that was when we had just drove into the door yard!!!
    And to imagine, not a single loss of chickens. I have no idea how they kept safe when the hens were clucking and circling the apple tree the 5-6 foot wing spanned bird was sitting in!
    I am still in awe, living with Nature can be beautifully cruel.
  7. wishin4chicken

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    Jun 20, 2008
    Hayden Lake, Idaho
    Great article, Spook. We're getting ready to put a coop up next spring and will use an electric wire to reinforce both the top and bottom of the fencing.

    Mom bear with two cubs were seen "visiting" at the neighbors just a day ago.
  8. spook

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    Quote:LOL, Put up a sign for Momma, just keep moving on...nothing to see, smell or taste here, the neighborhood is terrible at raising young in!!!
  9. geoaware

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    Dec 3, 2007
    Southern Maine
    Thanks Spook. I am not from the USA (or as my wife from Maine would say 'he is from away') so info like that is great to read.

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