Bear demolishes chicken coop


11 Years
May 5, 2008
At 4 in the morning I was awakened by my cat's meowing to go down to the basement. That never happens. When I went back to bed I heard a chicken clucking, nothing wild, but making some noise. I grabbed a flashlight to shine it on the coop. All seemed quiet. Then I heard a crash. I grabbed my flashlight, large stick, and my sneakers. I went outside to the chickens. One was still clucking at me. All looked fine until I noticed the roof had been broken and collapsed. This was one big hole. I don't think that a person could have even caused such damage. I hightailed it back into the house as it was clear. BEAR!! There was one chicken in the coop and one in my garden. My husband followed the feather trail and found our mangled girls.

I am freaking out. The game warden is saying that I need to electrify a fence around the chickens or get rid of them altogether to make the bear go away. I have 8 kids, the youngest being 4. The coop is right next to the trampoline, sandbox, and pool. I don't want bear in my yard.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

an electric fence sounds good, but I've no experience with bears so not 100% on that.

Oh and
to BYC, sorry it had to be under these circumstances.
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Did your game warden give you the option of trapping and relocating the bear? If its legal for you to have your chickens, there should be laws in place to protect them. Check your local regulations. Where I live its legal for me to remove ANY animal that harasses my livestock, by any means necessary (aside from migratory birds). Search them on google or simply call the GW back and ask. Good luck. We have bear around here too, but they've never gone after my birds, only feed. Usually yelling and making lots of noise scares them off and keeps them from coming back. Be safe!
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At first they thought that we could obtain a kill permit. But now they have found that it only applies for commercial property. So it seems as though I am stuck with the bear. I'm less than happy with that thought. The warden thought that a bear wouldn't typically mess with a free range chicken as iit can hide under a car. So I could possibly be inviting a bear to chase my chickens just outside my childrens' bedroom windows and possibly damage the cars to get to the chickens. That doesn't sound appealing, either. This month is the first time we had ever seen bear here and we've been here since 2002.
Electric fences are excellent bear repellents. I have lots of freinds who live in bear coutnry and they use them quite successfully. Just remember to bait the line with something yummy, blogna or lunch meat so the bear touches it with it's lips or tongue! That teaches them really fast what hot wires feel like.

Even if you get rid of your chickens they've already learned your yard has yummies so better to make it really unattractive to them.
Go with the electric's effective even on a solar panel, get the nose to wire contact on video and I'll give you a 10 if he backflips, plus you may save someone elses coop, barn or house from getting broken into (like your's while sleeping)
you aren't allowed to blast him? when he's on your property being a serious threat to your family and animals? hmm
How scarry I'm sorry you lost the hens and understand your fears
This bear is way to close and too distructive for you to do nothing. I can't believe you where told to free range chickens after the bear has already distroyed the coop. Whats next? Your house? I really like electric fence - it keeps skunks, coons and other 4 legged critters away. I like the idea of baiting the bear to touch the fence and I would get a Very Strong Fence Charger and ground it well so it won't come back to your yard after touching it. You and your kids won't feel safe until the bear has learned to stay away. Maybe the fence should be all the way around your house and yard for awhile until you feel safe. Good Luck.

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